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Rebuild Your Life in a Peaceful, Private Residential Treatment Center

A Different Kind of Inpatient Rehabilitation Center

Welcome to Legacy Recovery Center! We’re unique among residential treatment centers thanks to our ability to help people suffering from mental health and/or substance abuse issues. Our team is equipped to treat multiple issues concurrently. Our approach is also unique in that it focuses on what your specific needs are.

Owned and operated by psychiatrists with over 40 years of combined experience, as well as a robust therapeutic team, Legacy Recovery Center:

  • Treats all clients in our care with the dignity and respect they deserve
  • Develops individualized treatment plans that are unique to each client’s needs
  • Provides evidence-based treatments that offer the greatest chance of recovery

As one of the area’s leading addiction treatment centers, we provide the highest quality care in a private, intimate residential setting that feels more like a large, comfortable home than a rehab center. Our hospitable facility, located on a private, gated property and equipped with a pool, hot tub, large yard and spacious living areas, offers our clients a respite for 30 days in a safe and serene environment while they work on restoring their lives.

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Addiction Treatment Programs

Our Arizona addiction treatment center helps individuals with substance abuse problems recover from addiction and achieve long-term sobriety. Addiction is a complex diagnosis that often requires a variety of approaches. Our inpatient rehabilitation center utilizes approaches such as Psychotherapy, Psychiatric care, Medication Assisted Treatment, community support, healthy life skills, and other services to help individuals break free from addiction.

Alcohol Recovery
Opiate Recovery
Methamphetamine Recovery
Cocaine Recovery
Heroin Recovery
Fentanyl Recovery

Mental Health Support

Living with a mental health disorder can be confusing, overwhelming and even frightening. However, with treatment, individuals often go on to live happy, productive lives. Legacy Recovery Center helps clients struggling with mental health disorders find the stability they need to live productive, meaningful lives.

Bipolar Disorder