Mental Health & Addiction Support Services

Client-Centered, Mental Health Support Services

We Treat You With Care and Attention

Legacy Recovery Center offers weekly medical and psychiatric visits with our providers. , daily therapy, and ongoing nutritional and lifestyle guidance to help our clients find healing and balance while recovering. Everyone who seeks treatment  at our comfortable, peaceful facility is treated with dignity and respect, with a plan customized to meet his or her needs, and with evidence-based therapies that increase their chances of recovery. 

Because One Size Does Not Fit All

We don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach in which all clients receive the same treatment. Your treatment protocol should be as unique as your personality, your challenges and your goals. At Legacy Recovery Center, licensed professionals at the top of their fields collaborate to develop treatment plans that are customized to each individual.

Every client works with a treatment team that assesses the individual’s needs, strengths and preferences. Our professionals use the information provided by the treatment team to develop a detailed care plan. Each plan is comprehensive in scope and written clearly and in a manner that lays out the client’s steps to achieving his or her goals just like a roadmap directs a driver to a destination.

Who Can Be Treated at Legacy Recovery?

Our personnel are capable of treating both primary substance abuse and primary mental health disorders. Dual-diagnosis clients — those with substance abuse and other co-occurring conditions — benefit from our addiction support services, too. Addressing addiction and mental health disorders  simultaneously offers dual-diagnosis individuals their best opportunity to succeed. Psychiatric Care for all patients will be monitored by our owners Dr. Roland Segal, and Dr. Ehab Abdallah who have over 40 years combined experience treating complex mental health disorders, as well as addiction.