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Legacy Recovery Center is owned and operated by two psychiatrists with over four decades of combined experience, as well as two other individuals with two decades of experience working in the behavioral health industry. As a rehab facility run by professionals in the field of mental health and substance abuse, we provide the highest-quality treatment based on evidence-based therapies and best practices.

The entire staff at Legacy Recovery Center is dedicated to providing excellent, individualized care to every client who comes through our doors. We go beyond psychological services to treat the whole person. Our medication, therapy, nutrition, exercise, healthy habit building, relationship training and other services are designed to help our clients achieve sobriety and live happy, healthy and productive lives.

Our residential facility is a place of serenity and safety in a beautiful, private setting. We decorated it with luxurious touches and added numerous amenities, activities and services to make it feel like a warm and welcoming home. Only in such a space can individuals truly feel comfortable enough to concentrate on doing the hard work required to get better. We hope you agree that Legacy Recovery Center is exactly where you should be.

 A Brief History of Our Treatment Center

In 2012, three people who had previously worked together decided to start their own therapy program to treat individuals struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues. The owners are psychiatrists Dr. Roland Segal, Medical Director/Founding Member, and Dr. Ehab Abdallah, Co-Medical Director/Founding Member. Our other partners are Richard Miller, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who has been with us since the beginning, and Andy Bennet, Chief Operating Officer (COO), who joined us later.

Dr. Segal and Dr. Abdallah are highly trained, experienced psychiatrists who have been treating clients with mental health and/or substance abuse issues for over two decades, for a combined total of 40+ years of experience. Richard is in long-term recovery from substance abuse and has been working in the treatment industry for over a decade. Andy is also in long-term recovery from substance abuse and has been working in the behavioral health field for almost a decade.

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