Addiction Rehab And Recovery Center In Arizona

Addiction and Recovery Services

Individualized Treatment Plans

Many individuals come to Arizona for detox, recovery and treatment of addictions. Our Chandler, Arizona post-detox and addiction recovery center treats everyone who seeks assistance at our comfortable, peaceful facility with the dignity and respect they deserve. We are also equipped to treat clients who struggle specifically with Mental Health Disorders. We believe treatment, whether for addiction or mental health should be tailored to the clients’ specific needs. This means that we are not a one size fits all program. Our clinical and psychiatric team will assess each client individually, and work with the client directly to create a treatment plan that will directly address each client’s specific needs.

About Our Treatment Programs

Our recovery programs for addiction consist of treatment and aftercare.

Treatment is provided through psychotherapy, psychiatric care, and employing therapeutic modalities specific to clients’ diagnoses, holistic approaches will be utilized as well, this includes but is not limited to things like physical exercise, spiritual exploration, healthy eating habits, meditation, yoga, and rediscovering passions in life. Support groups such as 12 step programs are optional. If clients wish to engage in those programs, we will ensure access to them.

At Legacy Recovery Center, addiction rehab is a residential program, which means that you will remain at our comfortable facility during the course of your treatment. Our psychiatrists, addictionologists, nurses and clinicians are readily available to assist as needed.

Aftercare is designed to help you maintain sobriety after the recovery. We provide access to continuing therapy as well as a variety of resources to help you stay on course. These include intensive outpatient programs, supportive housing, psychiatrists, therapists, and any other resources our clients may need to be successful post treatment.