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About Depression

Almost everyone feels sad at times, but that doesn’t mean they are clinically depressed. Depression is a brain disorder caused by a genetic predisposition, hormonal changes, stress, trauma or the use of mood-altering drugs.

Major depressive disorder is the most common form of clinical depression. Its sufferers are enveloped in overwhelming feelings of hopelessness, sadness, fatigue and decreased energy, which may keep them from enjoying, or even participating in, activities in which they formerly took pleasure. Other symptoms include problems concentrating, an inability to make decisions, lack of motivation, loss of sex drive, changes in appetite and weight, and bodily aches and pains that have no physical cause.

A diagnosis of depression is based on the length of symptoms. A major depressive episode is one that has continued for at least two weeks. Depression can negatively impact school and work performance, destroy personal relationships and lead to suicidal ideation. And it can wreak havoc on one’s physical condition as well, as it affects the digestive, cardiovascular and immune systems, and causes sleep disturbances and memory loss.

Some sufferers use drugs and/or alcohol in an attempt to relieve symptoms, but the relief is only temporary and using these substances may worsen depression. Self-medication is not the answer; the only real solution to depression is through professional help. And the intensive treatment offered by inpatient mental health facilities for depression is typically the best alternative today.


Inpatient Therapy for Depression

At rehabs for depression, the disorder is generally treated through a combination of medication and therapy. At Legacy Recovery Center, one of the leading inpatient depression treatment centers in Arizona, we prescribe non-habit forming, antidepressant drugs in addition to providing individual and group therapy. Therapy helps those with depression improve their moods by learning to manage negative thoughts and feelings to help prevent further depressive episodes.

Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) has proven just as effective for treating mild to moderate clinical depression as short-term use of antidepressants. IPT addresses the way in which symptoms are related to one’s interpersonal relationships (family, friends and others). In the short term, symptoms decrease and social adjustment increases. In the long run, people with depression are able to make their own modifications while learning to cope with and reduce symptoms.

What is the basis for this evidence-based therapy? Instead of addressing the client’s depression symptoms, the therapist and client identify problems in the way the client interacts with others. As problems are addressed, symptoms improve, and as therapy continues, the client learns to make changes in interpersonal situations that help reduce depression symptoms.


Our Inpatient Rehab for Depression

Legacy Recovery Center helps you heal from clinical depression. We provide treatment in a comfortable, calm environment with loads of amenities to make you feel at home. Here, you receive custom-tailored help and appropriate support from our Licensed Therapist and experienced psychiatrists, Dr. Roland Segal and Dr. Ehab Abdallah.

Our inpatient for depression and anxiety goes beyond therapy to treat the whole person. Lifestyle changes are important for managing depression. The staff at Legacy Recovery Center provides opportunities to participate in an exercise program, yoga, meditation, nutritional guidance and instructions on goal-setting and self-care. These types of holistic therapies help you achieve stability and happiness, which are the goals of our depression treatment center in Chandler, Arizona.

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