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Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health and Psychiatric Services

Legacy Recovery Center provides individuals an opportunity to undergo treatment in a serene calming environment, with many of the comforts of everyday living unlike traditional psychiatric hospitals in Arizona. Our therapeutic and psychiatric team employs evidence-based treatment for mental health disorders as well as for addiction. Our philosophy guided by Dr. Roland Segal and Dr. Ehab Abdallah, ensures we address the root causes of client’s challenges. This is achieved through a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists and therapeutic professionals. As one of Arizona’s most respected mental health rehabs, our clinic incorporates holistic approaches into our treatment philosophy, such as healthy eating, yoga, exercise, and good sleep habits. With the time, attention, connection, and care we provide individuals will achieve healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Mental Health Rehab Begins Here

Upon admittance, clients undergo a series of evaluations similar to other psychiatric clinics:

Comprehensive Mental Health Psychiatric Evaluation

All clients receive a comprehensive mental health psychiatric evaluation conducted by our psychiatric provider.

Psychopharmacological Assessment

A psychopharmacological assessment is administered, as necessary, to determine if medication changes are required.

Full Medical History and Physical

All clients will receive a full medical history and physical. This will be conducted to establish your medical needs.


A biopsychosocial which is a comprehensive assessment will be conducted to determine the biological, psychological, and social challenges clients have faced with their mental health disorder, or addiction disorder.

Our treatment team will then draw from this information and work with clients to create their custom treatment plan while at Legacy Recovery Center.

Mental Health Counseling and Treatment

Independently Licensed Masters level therapists provide both individual therapy and group therapy at Legacy Recovery Center. Our team uses approaches that have been studied to ensure the best outcomes possible for our clients. These are known as evidence-based practices. Group therapy is beneficial because it allows insight for clients to realize they are not alone, and also the opportunity to receive support and feedback from their peers. This allows for a deeper connection amongst the community, which is also shown to dramatically increase outcomes. All group therapy sessions are conducted by members of our therapeutic team.

Individual therapy will be provided based on the client’s needs. This will be determined between the therapist, and the client at the time of admission. It could be once a week, or several times a week depending on the specific need of the client. Individual therapy is a time for the client to review treatment progress, and also address the deeper more intimate challenges they may not feel comfortable sharing in a group environment.

Clients’ therapists will also work collaboratively with the client and our psychiatric team. Having this multidisciplinary teamwork will ensure the client’s needs are being met from both a therapeutic standpoint and psychiatric standpoint. When this type of collaboration occurs, studies indicate the strongest outcomes for those struggling with mental health disorders, addiction disorders, or both. Our team will closely monitor clients progress in treatment, and review the treatment plan and goals with the client weekly to ensure satisfaction with treatment at Legacy Recovery Center.

Should clients transition to our facility from a medical detox center, or psychiatric hospital our medical team will work with the referring facility to ensure a seamless transition. Entering into a new environment when one is vulnerable can be difficult, and even frightening. Rest assured our team will handle all the logistics, and ensure your admission is not only smooth, but that you are welcomed with open arms and a warm nurturing environment.

If a client is prescribed medications, our medical and psychiatric team will assess the medications, and the client’s needs. Our team will be able to provide ongoing medication management for the patient while they are at Legacy Recovery Center. Sometimes medication changes, or adjustments will need to be made per the doctor’s recommendation. If this is the case our providers will consult with the client to determine the best course of action.

Live a Legacy of Sobriety and Good Mental Health

We Accept Most Private Insurance Policies

We work with most insurance policies, verify your insurance quickly and easily and know your options. We cannot accept Medicare or Medicaid (AHCCS)