Our Team

Meet Our Leaders and Staff Members

Dr. Roland Segal

Medical Director / Founding Member

Dr. Segal completed his medical school education at the University of Arizona, College of Medicine, in Tucson, Arizona. He continued training in a general psychiatry residency at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Then Dr. Segal completed a forensic psychiatry fellowship at the University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine, in Los Angeles.  Dr. Segal is double board certified in General and Forensic Psychiatry.  Dr. Segal is the Chief Medical Officer at the Valley Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr. Ehab Abdallah

Co-Medical Director / Founding Member

Dr. Abdallah obtained his medical degree from Alexandria University in Alexandria, Egypt. He completed his residency training in psychiatry at West Virginia University.  Dr. Abdallah is a triple board-certified in General Psychiatry, Consultation-Liaison (Psychosomatic) Psychiatry, and Addiction Psychiatry.  Dr. Abdallah is experienced in treating psychiatric illness in people with complex medical/mental conditions and is an expert in addiction medicine. He is passionate about quality care.

Richard Miller

Chief Executive Officer/ Founding Member

Richard has an extensive background in Admissions, Facility Operations, and Clinical outreach. He has developed robust networks of relationship with therapists, hospitals, physicians, treatment centers, and other community resources to provide them with access to behavioral healthcare. Richard has also operated as the CEO of several different treatment facilities over the course of his career.

Richard is passionate about ensuring the client finds the best fit for their treatment needs. His focus is on maintaining relationships with quality providers across the country, so that he can help whoever he comes across get the help they truly need. Equally, Richard focuses on ensuring the treatment provided at Legacy Recovery Center is of the highest quality, and that the team is doing all they can to serve those who come to Legacy Recovery Center for care.

Richard finds his work extremely rewarding, but his biggest joy is his family and helping his wife raise their child.

Andy Bennett

Chief Operating Officer/Founding Member

Andy has extensive experience with helping Behavioral Healthcare organizations achieve their goals. He has assisted dozens of companies achieve National Accreditation and has worked to license several Behavioral Health programs to treat substance use and mental health issues throughout the country. Prior to joining the team at Legacy Recovery Center, Andy held numerous positions at a nationally recognized long-term treatment facility.

Andy’s passion is program development with a focus on safety and reliability. Throughout his career, Andy has gained a reputation for showing the knowledge and understanding associated with the operations of behavioral health facilities. Andy sees his biggest accomplishment as being a father to his 3 children.

Tyler Kees LPC

Clinical Director

Tyler has an extensive background in clinical programming, development, and engagement. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in 2015 and his Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology in 2019. He received his Licensed Professional Counselor license in 2023. He started in the behavioral health field in 2015 at the lowest level. Since then, he has made his way up in multiple different behavioral health environments. He has built programs from the ground up on many occasions, all being successful in patient care. He has received high praise from patients in heir journey into recovery.

Tyler’s primary goal is to develop a clinically sound program to focus on the issues the patients struggle with. He is focused on individualized care, making sure the entirety of the program is suitable to the individual. He has great passion for the care of the patients that he treats on a regular basis, adjusting to the patient and making sure their needs are met first. He has a unique approach to the therapeutic environment. He has worked with wildly successful individuals throughout his career and focuses on bringing that to the table for each patient.When Tyler is not working, he enjoys spending time with his two daughters and wife.

Nate Topitzhofer

Program Director

Nathan found his passion for helping others with addiction and mental health conditions in 2012. His passion led to a career specializing in program development in mental health and substance abuse Residential and outpatient clinics. Nate has developed four different treatment facilities from the ground up, and is well experienced in working with a multi-disciplinary team to deliver the highest quality programs.

Nathan takes great pride in creating a safe and healthy environment for patients. His focus is maintaining an environment that encourages clients’ success, as well as building a culture that is conducive to healing, comradery, and finding the joy of living again. He believes treatment should be enjoyable, and as comfortable as possible while clients undergo their healing journey.

Dave Seymour

Director of Admissions

Dave Seymour has been working in behavioral healthcare since 2012. Dave has developed a passion for working with adults who are struggling with Mental Health and substance abuse issues. Dave specializes in helping families understand their loved one’s challenges with underlining and co-occurring disorders. Drawing from his own experiences with addiction and having family who have struggled with mental health conditions, Dave can relate to the daily struggles that each patient encounters and works diligently with the team at Legacy Recovery Center to provide the best care possible for each of the clients and their families. Being a father, Dave understands the importance of bringing families together to overcome the imbalance that is created from mental health and substance abuse. With over 16 years of sobriety, Dave leads by example and is living proof that it is possible to live a life filled with hope, faith, and courage.

Dalaney Smallwood

Nutrition and Fitness Expert
We are extremely excited to have Delaney providing services to our patients at Legacy Recovery Center!
Delaney has an extensive background in physical fitness. She is a certified nutritionist, certified personal trainer, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and holds a degree in Exercise Science and Business.
Over the years she’s worked with D1 football players preparing them for the NFL combine, she is also a professional athlete and a member of the International Federation of Bodybuilding.
Delaney has her own journey of healing and recovery and intimately understands the link between physical and mental wellness.
We are thrilled to have her on board working with our patients, adding another layer of wellness and recovery to our program!