Addiction Recovery Healthy Habits & Lifestyle

Recovery Meditation and Other Activities

Why Build Healthy Lifestyle Habits?

Treating mental health conditions or substance use disorders is foundational to other good life habits. Establishing healthy habits enables each of us to live a fulfilling life with a built-in level of stability created through well mapped out routines — during treatment and beyond.

Live a Legacy of Sobriety and Good Mental Health

Establishing Exercise and Diet Habits

At Legacy Recovery Center, clients have the opportunity to participate in yoga and meditation on a weekly basis. Relationships between meditation and addiction recovery and meditation and alcohol use have long been established. Meditation helps the mind cope with stress and is often used with other therapies to treat depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other disorders. Yoga and meditation for alcohol recovery and drug recovery help reduce stress and calm the mind while strengthening the body. Yoga and Meditation have been proven to help reduce symptoms from anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders. We will have a professional yoga instructor guide you through the sessions during your stay. You can also understand the relationship between meditation and addiction.

Further, we recognize that yoga may not be preferrable for everyone. As such clients at Legacy Recovery Center will have access to an offsite gym. Clients will need to be screened to ensure they are medically appropriate for using weights, and other gym equipment prior to our staff members transporting them to the gym. Lifting weights, and engaging in cardiovascular activity has been shown to help the brain recover faster from a wide variety of disorders such as depression, anxiety, and addiction. It can also help create a routine and picking up new hobbies is always important when re-creating one’s life.  

Our Chandler, Arizona facility also provides home-cooked meals and nutritional guidance to help you learn to eat healthy meals during and after recovery. We promote eating a variety of healthy foods, limiting fast foods and sugars, drinking large amounts of water and taking a daily multivitamin. While we promote healthy eating, we also encourage balance and variety. Enjoying our favorite foods whether it be a slice of pizza, or home baked cookies is also important, and as such we will ensure you have access to your comfort foods.

Moving Beyond Diet and Exercise

The professionals at Legacy Recovery Center help our clients learn life skills and develop routines that help them remain healthy and sober. Routines provide the structure that we all need to keep anxiety at bay, reduce the number of decisions we have to make daily and help us sleep better, which, in turn, decrease our stress levels. Aside from meditation and recovery, we teach self-care and hygiene, stress management, time management and healthy relationship management skills.

We also help you learn to set goals. Without goals, you won’t know where you’re going, and you won’t know when you get there. In addition to the overall goals of recovery from substance abuse or learning to live with a mental disorder, we encourage you to get in the habit of setting life goals. What will your legacy look like?

We Accept Most Private Insurance Policies

We work with most insurance policies, verify your insurance quickly and easily and know your options. We cannot accept Medicare or Medicaid (AHCCS)