Choosing The Right Drug And Mental Health Rehab Center

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Choosing the best rehab centers for either addiction or mental health treatment sets the foundation for a successful recovery. The right facility provides an individual with a full support network of qualified professionals who can help treat the root issues and lay the building blocks to create a brighter future.

With all this in mind, finding the best rehab facility is a major decision to make. Take a look below at what to look for in both addiction and mental health treatment centers to ensure you or your loved one finds the best place for rehabilitation.

Mental Health Treatment Centers

When it comes to finding the best rehab centers for mental health treatment, certain attributes are often a sign of a good choice. A few features to ask about or consider include:

  • How long has the facility been in operation? The well-established treatment centers usually come with years of experience, which can be indicative of their capacity to provide the best care.
  • What treatment modalities are used? The best treatment centers provide multifaceted treatment methods, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), psychotherapy and group therapy.
  • What kind of training and expertise does the clinical staff have? Top treatment centers employ a group of licensed professionals, including clinical psychologists or psychiatrists, licensed therapists and other well-equipped professionals.
  • Where is the program located? Proximity to home can always be a major determining factor. Make sure the facility is close enough to home for loved ones to visit.

Drug Rehab Treatment Centers

Addiction is a unique mental health disorder that requires a personalized approach to treatment. Before choosing a specific place for treatment, consider:

  • What treatments and therapies are used and what programs are available? Consider whether the facility offers multiple forms of treatment, such as CBT, family therapy or one-on-one counseling with a therapist. Also, think about your goals — do you prefer inpatient or outpatient treatment? How long can you commit to a program? Find a program that aligns with your goals.
  • Does the rehab center offer treatment for co-occurring disorders? Addiction and mental health disorders commonly exist together. Therefore, dual-diagnosis treatment may be necessary for successful recovery.
  • Does the treatment center specialize in treating people with certain types of substance issues? Find out if the rehab center offers specific treatment programs that apply to you. For example, treatment may be different for alcoholism or opioid use disorder.
  • What kind of professionals will be accessible during treatment? Look at the credentials of the staff who will be involved in treatment. Make sure the facility has a collection of licensed professionals available to clients.

The Best Rehab Center Is the First Step to a Healthier Future

Whether you or a loved one is dealing with addiction or mental health struggles, the road to recovery does not have to be a solo journey. Legacy Recovery Center has been helping people find their way for many years with both mental health support and addiction treatment. Our team is made up of qualified clinical professionals with the training and experience to make sure every person has the best chance of treatment success. Reach out to seek treatment at Legacy Recovery Center.